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Why FlexProtect?
Since the Jackson / LASPO Act changes in April 2013, it is clear from a legal expenses insurance perspective that as your Client is likely to be paying their own ATE premium, a ‘one size fits all’ approach is no longer appropriate and that policy features, benefits and value for money are now key.

That’s why Keystone Legal has developed FlexProtect, a modular and easy to use ATE product that addresses the disbursement, adverse costs & Part 36 risks inherent in the post-LASPO regime.

You decide...
Four key reasons to use FlexProtect:

Our modular approach means that Client's aren't paying for cover they don't need


We can guarantee your Client's Part 36 offer – this is the least compensation they will receive


We can arrange to advance part of this guaranteed offer to your Client if required


The offer guarantee – together with the compensation advance facility – means that your Firm can concentrate on running cases, doing the best for your Clients whilst maximising potential fee income

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To find out how your Firm and your Clients can benefit from using FlexProtect, please click here for an application form or contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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