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Complaints Procedure

Keystone Legal Benefits Ltd is required to have written procedures, by the Financial Services Authority, describing how client complaints are handled.

These are designed to establish whether a complaint is justified, and ensure that appropriate action is taken to remedy it.

All complaints, whether written or oral, must be reported to the Insurance Director in writing. He will investigate the matter impartially and respond to the client in writing. A client’s complaint will be acknowledged in writing in seven days of receipt and a substantive reply will be provided within a month. The reply will, if appropriate, offer a settlement or resolution, which is expected to be acceptable to the complainant. It should also state that if the client has not objected to the proposed solution within a month, the complaint will be treated as settled.

If the Insurance Director considers that a complaint should be classified as “significant” in regulatory terms, further action needs to be taken. Significant complaints include those which allege:
•A breach of a client agreement
•Failure to comply with the FSA regulations
•Bad faith, malpractice or impropriety
•Repetition or recurrence of any matter about which there has been a previous complaint.

Significant complaints also include any which cannot be settled quickly or directly with the client. If a reply to a significant complaint does not contain an offer of settlement or resolution or the client indicates that he is still not satisfied, and the client is an “eligible complainant”, the client must be advised of his right to complain directly to the Financial Ombudsman. The client must also be sent a copy of Keystone Legal Benefits Ltd’s in-house complaints handling procedures.

If after two months the complaint has not been settled to the satisfaction of the client, Keystone Legal Benefits Ltd must notify the FSA of the complaint and notify the client that this has been done.

The Compliance Officer (Christopher Marden) must maintain adequate records to show that all complaints have been processed and resolved in accordance with the above procedures. These records must be kept for three years from the date of resolution of each complaint


Keystone Legal Benefits Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority  

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